About Us

On a Wing and a Prayer is the brain child of our eco consciousness. The time had come for the two of us to give back after 20 years of successful fashion careers and 20 years of seeing what fast fashion has done to our planet. We knew we had to do different. Our vision was clear, and we decided to tap into what was already in circulation, sourcing vintage only and never making new. We also knew we wanted to support the small artisan culture and tap into traditions of old without the use of electricity. And so we did.

W&P is on a mission to try our damndest to make magic we can feel good about. Like really, really good. So here it is; curated vintage, reimagined and hand embroidered in love. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, wearable art. 

Thank you for shopping responsibly.


Gina & Hayley